Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Handmade unique cashmere scarves for winter

These lovely cashmere scarves are so soft and light. They dont itch. Each one are made individually so what you is totally unique. Made in Nepal in our small factory by people that are happy and have worked with us for a long time. You can buy them and thousands of beautiful items in cashmere on www.mypashmina.co.uk 

Perfect for yourself for the winter cold, or as an appreciated gift for xmas.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Did you know that www.mypashmina.co.uk accepts bitcoin? And that you get a 20% discount right
now if you choose to pay with bitcoin?

So what is bitcoin? To put it out easy - its a digital currency that is not controlled by the state. It is the modern way of paying. You dont need banks for it. You are your own bank. And its easy to use once you have had a look into how to start using it. As we see it, the increased use of bitcoin will put the power with the people instead of the banks and will make the world a better place. We at the Mypashmina, want to help promote bitcoin, so therefore we offer a 20% discount for people that choose this payment option. (for a limited time)

For those of you that are not familiar with bitcoin - check out the video below

Our pashminas and cashmere knitwear is made in our factory in Nepal where the workers are happy. We deliver for free next day within the UK and we also deliver worldwide. To find out more please visit www.mypashmina.co.uk

Autumn is here - time to be cosy in amazingly soft cashmere scarves again

Handmade 180x45 cm cashmere scarf from www.mypashmina.co.uk

Autumn is here for sure now. Gone are those lovely summer days. But not to worry - autumn is colourful and cosy! Its now its time to meet up with your friends over a warm cup of tea, and take beautiful walks in parks with leaves coloured in beautiful orangey shades.

Our favourite scarf for the autumn is this one - a completely hand made cashmere scarf - each one is unique - made in different colours. Its so warm and soft. It doesnt feel heavy or itch. Cashmere is a very thin fibre - only about 20 microns - so it shouldnt. Cashmere also lasts for year. So to buy a cashmere scarf from www.mypashmina.co.uk is an investment for the next decade or so.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

6 reasons to be addicted to a pashmina

  1. A pashmina shawl feels wonderful and light
  2. A pashmina shawl is so beautiful
  3. A pashmina shawl keeps you warm
  4. A pashmina shawl lasts for years
  5. A pashmina shawl from Mypashmina is produced ethically in Nepal. Our workers are happy and so are the cashmere goats.
  6. A pashmina shawl is reversible. It can be worn as a shawl in various ways, a scarf, a headscarf, a blanket..only your imagination will set the limits..

You will find thousands of pashmina and cashmere shawls and garments on www.mypashmina.co.uk - we offer free next day delivery.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Pashminas for summer

Which is the best pashmina for summer? We think the ring shawl is, because a ring shawl is a very fine pashmina suitable for warmer weather. It is single ply and amazingly soft, warm and light. It looks beautiful and feels so nice, perfect for cooler summer evenings. We have them in two sizes and many colours. Order ring shawls on www.mypashmina.co.uk for next day delivery.

You will find our full range of cashmere knitwear and pashminas on www.mypashmina.co.uk

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Clearance Cashmere at Mypashmina.co.uk

In case you didn't already know, we have a fantastic clearance page at www.mypashmina.co.uk - see the link clearance and offers on the left menu.

Here are some examples of cashmere knitwear currently for sale on those pages.

Ladies 100% Cashmere V-Neck - Only £49 - usually £89 - Size S

Ladies 100% Cashmere Long Cardigan - Only £85 - Size S
usually £110 - www.mypashmina.co.uk
Ladies 100% Cashmere Gillet
4ply (extra thick) - Size medium
Usually £88 - Now £44

There are many other items on the clearance pages, so it's always worth a look when shopping at www.mypashmina.co.uk. Free UK delivery.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Post Earthquake Cashmere Factory Images

After last years earthquake in Kathmandu, we had to relocate the factory. Lucky the earthquake was ona Stuarday when no-one was working.

Here are some pictures of the new factory.

We have visited Kathmandu many times and it's great to see such a happy team of people who have all worked together for such a long time.

To buy pashminas and cashmere knitwear, please see our website www.mypashmina.co.uk

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Bohemian chic cashmere ideas

Bohemian style comes from the 1700s when people wanted a minimalist lifestyle but is now associated with expressing individuality. Usually its characterized by earthy-tones with splashes of color, patterns, flowers and excessive accessories. Boho chic style allows individuals to express their desire to break away from social norms and live unconventionally. As a fan of the Bohemian style of course we have of course some influences for the boho style in our range of Cashmere knitwear and accessories too. Here are some suggestions to get the Boho-style in Cashmere :)

You will find these items and much more in our webshop Mypashmina 

1. Above - 100% Dungaree Cashmere dress in a cute design, use over trousers or just like it is. It has pretty hemmed edges in contrast colours and coconut buttons. 

2. Scoop neck cardigan in Bamboo and Cashmere - vegetable dyed - for the conscious crowd.

3. Crochet knit Cashmere scarves. Each scarf is unique, made by hand in Nepal in 100% cashmere

4. Jacquard Silk Stole - Peacock design. Covers your back as a stole or fold it and use as a scarf.

5. Kids "Pippi" jumper in 100% cashmere. Keeps your child warm and snug, doesnt itch, doesnt restrain free play. Our kids loves them.

Go to Mypashmina to shop online. We offer free next day delivery within the UK and quick delivery to the rest of the world. You will find these items in these cathegories on the menu on the left "Hats, gloves and blankets, Kids cashmere, Cashmere for her and Pashminas"

Sunday, 3 April 2016

5 Cashmere ideas for spring time

Spring is in the air. I just love it when the sun and warmth come out after a long time of cold and darkness. People are smiling again! Its amazing to see how the mood shifts and how much easier and happy life becomes. But dont be too quick with dressing too light just because you feel like the weather is too good for jackets. Not the time to get colds! Its not that warm...quite yet. Be smart and wear a light weight cashmere jumper so you get the best out of two worlds! Here are 5 ideas in 100% lovely soft and warm Cashmere all of which are available on our website www.mypashmina.co.uk for free next day delivery:

1. Ladies classic v-neck - £70. Always a safe card! Looks good and feels great!

2. Ladies zip up hoody - £95. A little bit more sporty and practical - great for spring evenings!

3. Ladies long line cardigan - £110. I love this model. 

4. Ladies round neck cardigan - £70. Will always be a classic. 

5. Basketweave cashmere blanket - £335.

I really wished I had one with me yesterday when we barbequed and drank mead with friends in the garden until late in the evening. We have a couple of these in our old home (we are travelling now) They are so useful! Dont be put off by the price tag - these are worth their weight in cashmere.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

25% off all ladies cashmere knitwear until 31st March

We have a great offer this March.

25% off all ladies cashmere knitwear.

Just use the code lk25 at the checkout.

Monday, 8 February 2016

All Things Sparkly - Pashminas and Walking Sticks

Have you seen our Swarovski crystal pashminas? If you haven't, take a look now by clicking on the image below. Add a sparkle to your evening out with one of these beautiful, crystal embellished stoles. 
Each side (or facet) of the 21 sides of each crystal bounce colour and light around wherever you go and our pashminas have 200 crystals on each one.

A word of warning, once you start buying crystal studded accessories you will want to crystallize everything, and fortunately you can! With some glue, a jewel setter, some crystals and a steady hand, you can bling up all sorts of things. Flip flops, gloves, hats, shoes, uniforms and watches, the list is endless.

To complete your evening outfit, why not go for a crystal studded walking cane? You can of course crystalize your own cane with a nice collar of crystals or you can purchase a ready made one. Choose from fully covered crystal walking sticks or sticks with only a sprinkle of crystals on the handle or around the neck. You are certain to get many comments!

People have been decorating their clothes and accessories with cut glass crystals since the 19th century so what are you waiting for?

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Special offer on Kids jumpers in Cashmere

See our gorgeous kids jumpers in a traditional Swedish design called "Pippi". It is available in several colours and sizes.This jumper is in double thickness (4-ply) so it keeps your child extra warm and snug. Our children love our cashmere jumpers - they dont itch and they are so light weight that they dont restrict playing! Our knitwear is handcrafted with lots of love from our happy workers in our own production in Nepal and is made of the purest 100% cashmere.

Save 33% with discount code "PIP33".

Buy Pippi jumpers and more on www.mypashmina.co.uk

Thursday, 28 January 2016

3 New Colours of Cashmere Hats In Stock

We have 3 new colours of cashmere hats in stock now at http://www.mypashmina.co.uk/framesets/accessories.htm

They are 100% Cashmere and 4ply which means they are nice and thick.  They have a cabled design.

We love these cashmere hats. We wear them all the time and our children wear the kids version constantly.

These hats are only £25, which is great value... infact it's too great value.. so the price is going to have to go up to £33 very soon !

Friday, 22 January 2016

Cashmere and silk quality testing using a laboratory for Mypashmina

From time to time we use a laboratory to test the quality of our products to ensure that the quality is consistent and their is nothing dodgy going on at any step of the supply chain. We have been using the same supply chain for years so we are confident, but it is good to check every now and then.

The laboratory we use, uses a technique called projection microscopy to identify which fibres are present and in which quantities. They take 1000 fibres at random, photograph them on a projection microscope and count how many have the characteristics of the types of fibres in their database. In our case it was purely cashmere and silk as expected.

Our most recent test was for an Angelweave cashmere shawl - (Only £79.50 at www.mypashmina.co.uk ). These are made with handspun cashmere weft and a pure silk warp. As they are hand-spun, the width of the cashmere yarn varies throughout the item so it is difficult to be precise with the fibre content. On our website, we say the product contains 90% cashmere and 10% silk. This is a pretty good estimate.

We sent one off to SGS laboratories to have it tested. The test cost £408 ,  so it's not cheap to have a proper test that identifies both the exact fibre contect and the quality of the fibres in the yarn.

The result of the test is below - 92.6% Cashmere, and 7.4% Silk  and 0% anything else.

If you want to find out more about the inspection methods for checking the fibre content of cashmere items, read this report:

Also, if you are buying cashmere elsewhere - shock horror - you can always ask to see any cashmere testing certificates. A good supplier will have a recent one to hand for the concerned customer.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

This weeks offer - 40% off Frilled edge knitted pashminas!

This week we have 40% off our frilled edge shawls until January 26th. Dont miss the offer! Buy now on www.mypashmina.co.uk today and get free next day delivery.

These are beautiful shawls that are heavier than our usual ones and keep you warm and snug. They are made of 50% pure cashmere and 50% pure silk and so they both look and feel luxurious. Our frilled edge shawls are large enough to be used as a blanket - perfect for those chilly evenings. Looks good too - wear them on special occasions and dont be surprised if you receive nice compliments!

Friday, 15 January 2016

SALE! Gorgeous kids hats in Cashmere

Dont miss our clearance sale for our gorgeous kids hats in Cashmere. They are 4-ply (double thickness) and in a beautiful cable design. 100% pure cashmere. Lovely and soft. Keeps you warm in cold weather and doesnt itch. Cashmere hats will never be this cheap for this quality. We need to clear this to make room for new stock. Take the opportunity and buy one now!

You will find them at www.mypashmina.co.uk - look at the "clearance" link on the left side menu.

Happy shopping!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

50% off cashmere scarves until January 19th

This January, the weather is looking very cold over the next few weeks. But we have a solution.
Stay cosy with these double layer stripey cashmere scarves.
This week only we are offering them for half price with the discount code 50cosy.
We are also offering 20% off our pure cashmere snoods, cable twist hats and cable twist mittens. Use the codecosy20 if you buy any or all of those.
This offer will end on 19th January 2016 - www.mypashmina.co.uk

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Keep your neck warm in winter with our snoods!

Cashmere snood for only £44.95 from Mypashmina.

Snoods are a practical and stylish way to keep you neck (and/or) head warm without having to tie a scarf. Just wrap it around your neck. Perfect for those that often are in a hurry too! 

This isnt just any snood - this is 100% pure cashmere that is made by hand in our small factory in Nepal where the people that make them are happy about their workplace and enjoy making them. 

We have sourced the finest cashmere from Inner Mongolia and often do quality test to ensure purity (as unfortunaly is needed to be done in this business as the garment saying it contains 100% cashmere sometimes actually is something else).

Our snoods come in 9 fashionable colours. Buy one now and get it next day with free delivery!