Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Earthquake update


Thanks very much for your donations.

So far you have raised the following.. which totals up to about £700.

2 356,37 SEK
414,60 GBP
109,31 USD

It's a start, but to make a difference to the 2 families who have lost their houses, we need a lot more.

Please give via paypal to carolinqua@gmail.com

This is the most direct and efficient help money you will be able to give. It will go direct to the families who need it. Nothing will come out for admin costs, bank charges etc etc.

This is an update from Vinod who runs the cashmere product

 "Nepal has lost about 30 k people and huge Loss of prosperity . Thanks to international community they rescues very well  .especially  india , U.S. And Japan and all others

We have lost two of  our production sheds in factory thanks god it was off day because of Saturday and there was none casualties I think we had a lot of best wishes from all  over like you that's why all our staff , family members are safe  however two of our ladies staff lost their home we have to  help them to rebuild their house as well as our factory , Paul and Caroline and some more close friends , clients rising welfare fund to support  This job which is highly appreciated .

From yesterday lives turning to normal ways  power supply , communication network resumed , water supply and foods availablity  is a bit normal ,  government offices and banks will resume from Sunday"

Friday, 1 May 2015


2 of our factory workers houses in Nepal are totally destroyed. We are collecting money to pay for rebuilding them. They would be absolutely over the moon for any kind of help. Please consider donating to my paypal account carolinqua@gmail.com and label the payment "earthquake". All the money sent will finance the new houses. No donation is too small. Little things make big things happen, you know. Of course we encourage larger donations. If you send more than £500 we promise to match your donation as well. Please help me spread the word and share!