Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Moronic new rules from Nepal - only a tiny thing.

Well they don't make it easy for themselves.

The Marxist-Leninist president of Nepal might well be the worlds 52nd most influential woman, but these marxists love to make stupid rules.

The people of Nepal constantly suffer.

New law: shipping over $5000 our of Nepal can not be with a courier like DHL, but must go with an air cargo firm.

Possible reasons for this law:
1. Got some mates that work for the air-cargo company
2. Something vaguely related to carbon.
3. Want to further damage Nepal cashmere industry because  ????
4. Stupid

I reckon it's 1. Communism leads to corruption 100% of the time.

 What can be done ?
Not a lot. This is obviously a trivial law in the scheme of things, but it is the scheme of things that is the problem. Switching to Bitcoin and other cryptos is a step in the right direction.