Friday, 31 October 2008

We just tested our cashmere and it's 100% !

Click to enlarge.

We have just sent a pashmina for testing at SGS fibre testing labs. The result shows it is pure cashmere. This is the usual result, so it's not so exciting.

However, it is good to know, because there is a lot of cheating in the cashmere industry ... even Tescos got in trouble once for unknowingly having 7% rabbit hair mixed in !

If you are buying cashmere online, ask to see a copy of a test certificate. A good supplier (like Mypashmina!) will be happy to show you.


Wednesday, 29 October 2008 - Mypashmina for the USA

We have just finished making - Mypashmina for the US.

We have worked out a deal with a courier, so we can offer 24-48 courier shipping to our customers in the US for just $19.50, and we have a returns address in Florida, so we can offer the same hassle free returns policy as we offer our UK customers.

We are also available on the phone at any time on +1 414 455 0595.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Mypashmina Sale Ends on November 5th

Thanks to all the customers who responded to our email about our sale. You had first bite... one of the benefits of joining our mailing list.

As of now, our sale is advertised more widely.

To find out more , go to

Friday, 24 October 2008

Cashmere for pets

I brought my cat (which is called Adolf shicklgr├╝ber because he has a mustasch) into the office today and tried on a baby cardigan. Now, how cute is that?

The baby cardigan fits just great. Maybe a little bit bigger neck and slightly shorter legs. It would work to wear it outside, if it drizzles a bit you can shake the cardigan easily as the raindrops sets on the edges of the fibres. Would you like this item made? Maybe you have a cat/dog that you would like to give a little something for these cold and rainy days? It would cost just £34 for a pure cashmere cardigan.

You can just email or phone us. See for more ideas and contact details.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

New cashmere caridgan @

Today this new style of round neck cardigan is available at

It features mother of pearl buttons and satin lining on the inside of the trim. This cashmere cardigan has ribbed waist and cuffs and a generous sleeve length.

It is available in 5 colours - which you can view on the website.

Best of all, it is only £69.

New @ - Ladies Hip Length Cashmere Boat Neck with belt

This new style is available in Rhododoendron (shown here), and Melange Dark Grey .. which you can see at

It is extra long and comes with a colour co-ordinated cashmere belt.

The price is £74 and delivery is free as usual.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Lovely comments from customers today

Today is the second day of our sale, which we sort of only have told our existing customers about yet so that they will be able to grab the bargains first.

As the orders keep rolling in, we are astounded that people actually take time to write something - even before they receive their order - and its something nice as well!

Yes, we do read ALL the comments in the comment box on the order, and it always makes us happy when we see that someone has written something.

Here are some of the comments that people have written to us that made us particularly happy today:

Comment: "I am a previous very satisfied customer."
What he/she bought: Two polonecks

Comment: "Because of the great choice ofcolours and sizes"
What he/she bought: 4 pashminas

Comment: "Chose you beacuase of choice of colours and easy to use website."
What he/she bought: 2 pashminas

What he/she bought: Ring shawl

Comment: "I have ordered an stole from your website a year ago and was so happy with the quality and the price that when i decided to offer a nice scarf to my friend for her birthday, it came naturally to me to do so with you."
What he/she bought: 2 pashminas

Comment: "Great products and prompt delivery.."
What he/she bought: Pashmina, hat, slipover

Comment: "My last pashmina was lovely"
What he/she bought: Pashmina

Comment: "This will be the fourth scarf I have purchased and I am sure I will be just as pleased with this as I have with the others."
What he/she bought: Pashmina

Comment: "Excellent quality"
What he/she bought: Pashmina

Comment: "I recently bought a black 100% shawl and absolutely love it. Delivery was fast too."
What he/she bought: Pashmina

Comment: "Brochure came through the post, my sister oredered and was really impressed."
What he/she bought: 2 camisoles

Comment: "Brochure came through the post, my sister oredered and was really impressed."
What he/she bought: 2 camisoles

Comment: "thanks for sending me these great offers! i look forward to receiving the jumpers...."
What he/she bought: 2 jumpers

Comment: "Love the site and ethos. Bought before and was very happy. Didn't think I could afford to replace my beloved old pashmina but you proved me wrong! Thanks."
What he/she bought: Pashmina

Comment: "Purchased from you before and received excellent service. Product was fabulous and made a great Christmas present. Good value for money"
What he/she bought: Various accessories

Comment: "Have bought from you before and was satisfied with purchase"
What he/she bought: Pashminas

Comment: "I am a very happy 'returning' customer - and I love the look of your new colours!"
What he/she bought: Herringbone scarf

Monday, 20 October 2008

Mypashmina October Sale

Here's some good news... We are having a sale on quite a lot of our cashmere knitwear items..

This is what is on offer at

Argyle slipover - £78 - reduced by 50% = £39

Camisole - £37 - reduced by 40% = £23

Tie vest top - £36 - reduced by 30% = £26

Sleeveless cowlneck - £96 - reduced by 50% = £48

Ribbed scoop neck - £85 - reduced by 50% = £43

Cabled cardigan - £149 - reduced by 50% = £75

Ballet wrap - £79 - reduced by 30% - £55

Drawstring hoodie - £88 - reduced by 40% - £53

Mens stripey v-neck - £109 - reduced by 50% - £55

Mens contemporary slipover - £69 - reduced by 60% - £28

Mens Zip-up Turtle Neck - £199 - reduced by 50% - £99.50

Mens argyle slipover (3-ply) - £79 - reduced by 40% - £48

Mens polo shirt two tone - £75 - reduced by 40% - £45

Cable twist mittens - £29 - reduced by 40% - £18

Gingham pashmina - £59.50 - reduced by 20% - £48

Herringbone scarves - £58 - reduced by 50% - £29

The sale ends 1st November, so there isn't too long

Friday, 17 October 2008

New Mens Cashmere Sleeveless Cardigans at

This new style of cashmere sweater is available in 4 new colours from

check it out!

It's only £68, with free shipping too.

Pashminas in Vogue -

I've just been looking at Vogue magazine, and they have an article on shawls..

They range from £200 up to £1565.

The one on the left in this picture is a very nice piece by Loro Piana, but the price is £870 !!

It looks quite similar to one that we have available for £79.50 (the pink one) , the weave looks similar and from the picture in Vogue it looks like they have used the same '100 count' fine cashmere as in ours. One difference is that the LP one is mixed with some silk.

If anyone has bought one of LP's and wants to see one of ours to compare the quality, please let me know.. i would love to hear from you.

For more pashminas see

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Four new cashmere mens polo necks in stock at Mypashmina

Just arrived!

Four new, and very nice, colours in the mens pure cashmere polo neck.

The fit and shape is perfect, and we have added a little bit extra on the polo neck to give that extra luxurious touch.

The four new colours are....
Cinder, Dark Shadow, Formula One and Willow Bough. - have a look at

Black & Navy Blue are still available.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

New! Cashmere Polo Necks for her @ Mypashmina

Yeah! 3 new colours of this great looking (and feeling) polo neck.

The front is cabled and the back is plain.

It looks pretty smart too.

The 3 colours now in stock are... Raspberry Wine (a rich pink), Green Gables (a dark green), and Melange Grey (a dark mottled grey).

They are only£79.50 and we only have a few in stock.. so have a look at today (if you want)

New colours of cashmere t-shirts now in stock

We have 4 new colours in our ever popular t-shirt style.

This style is simple, and it can be worn under a jacket or just on its own. It is a basic that everyone needs.

yes, cashmere is addictive...

New! Cashmere V-Necks from Mypashmina

Our new range of v-necks with a stylish overstitched trim (in cashmere of course) is now available.

The price is £69 , which as usual is amazing value.

There are 6 colours available and one of them is made with natural vegetable dyes. See the website for more information.

If you are size small and so excited you have to buy one now without further clicks.. here is a link so you can do just that !

Buy Now