Friday, 28 December 2012

Antique Bronze Jacquard Water Pashmina


We hope you like this new colour of Jacquard Water Pashmina.
We have 10 in stock.
It is 80% cashmere and 20% Silk.
Having just photographed the piece, I was amazed again at how soft it is. 
They are also light and floaty, but still incredibly warm.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Brilliant Blue - 70/30 Stole - Now in stock

We like this blue so much we have called it Brilliant Blue !

It is a lovely strong rich blue, quite royal.

Only £43.45 and free UK delivery

You can order until 1pm on December 21st and still have it delivered in time for Christmas

Win a £45 mypashmina voucher !

Win a Mypashmina £45 gift voucher this Christmas | JuliaStyleMe

6 Dec 2012 by juliastyleme
mypashminaMypashmina offer a range of pashminas,cashmere and knitwear - including a cashmere baby range and cashmere blankets,so you can wrap baby up in that Christmas crib! Lots of glorious colours to choose ...
More results from JuliaStyleMe

Two new colours of pure cashmere shawls in stock


I hope everyone is enjoying the festive season, we're having a touch of snow today which makes everything feel christmassy.

We have two new colours available in the 100% Cashmere Pashmina Shawl 90x200cm.

Coffee Bean which is a lovely dark chocolate shade of brown,

and Raspberry Wine which is a slightly muted fuchsia colour, so if you like a strong pink but not screaming, then this could be a good colour.
so now we have 45 colours in stock... although a few shades are sold out until the beginning of January.

The price remains at £65.45 , which is fantastic value for these quality items in pure cashmere!

Best wishes


Sunday, 2 December 2012

7030 Bright Rose Scarf now in stock @ Mypashmina

New @ Mypashmina
This pashmina scarf measures 12"x60"  (or 30x150cm). It is made from 70% Cashmere / 30% Silk.

It is a lovely rich bright fuschia pink. The Pantone name which we use is Bright Rose.

It is only £21.45 and delivery in the UK is free.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Gilla oss på facebook och få 20% rabatt!

Vi vill gärna att fler ser vår facebook-sida så om du går in på vår facebook-sida
och gillar oss så kan du läsa instruktioner där hur du gör för att få rabattkoden på 20%!

Rabattkoden gäller endast begränsad tid till och med fredag 30/11 och går att använda på alla produkter på - även de som redan är nedsatta.

För er som precis hittat vår blogg vill vi berätta att Mypashmina är vår sida för underbart sköna plagg i cashmere och silke. Vi har det mesta som går att stickas och vävas såsom olika tröjor och accessoarer och pashminasjalar. Allt utom "varanasi"sjalarna kommer från vår egen tillverkning i Nepal - som är det närmsta man kan komma ekologiskt och rättvisemärkt.

Unisex-sjal för både män och kvinnor i 100% cashmere - endast 479,20 kr med rabattkoden! (fraktfritt)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Ladies zip up hoody - Now available in black - 100% Cashmere

Only £114 
This ladies zip-up hoody is 100% cashmere.

It is now available in black !

Coming soon in Oatmeal and Cocoa Brown.

Thanks for reading


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New - Navy Blue Longline Cashmere Cardigan

This long line pure cashmere cardigan is now available online at

It is dark navy with sandy stripes and seven large coconut buttons.

The knit is ribbed with some elegant design touches on the back and the cuffs.

The price is only £126.00 , so you'll have some money left over for a cup of tea by the barn !


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Pashmina colours

Their blog is fantastic by the way

Autumn True/Dark/Soft – My Pashmina Matches

Soft Autumn

Barn Red

Dark Autumn

Rio Red


True Autumn



Purchase from –


Friday, 16 November 2012

Pashminas back in stock @ Mypashmina

Hej !

We have just had a delivery and the following pashminas are back in stock.

Classic Pashmina Shawl - 90x200cm - 70% Cashmere/30% Silk in Black
Classic Pashmina Shawl - 90x200cm - 70% Cashmere/30% Silk in Adriatic Blue

Classic Pashmina Stole - 70x200cm - 70% Cashmere/30% Silk in Barn Red
Classic Pashmina Stole - 70x200cm - 70% Cashmere/30% Silk in Harvest Pumpkin
Classic Pashmina Stole - 70x200cm - 70% Cashmere/30% Silk in Fig
Classic Pashmina Stole - 70x200cm - 70% Cashmere/30% Silk in Grape Royale
Classic Pashmina Stole - 70x200cm - 70% Cashmere/30% Silk in Fiery Red

Jacquard Pashmina Stole - 70x200cm - 70% Cashmere/30% Silkin Olivenite

I have emailed whose who made use of the new function on the website to be informed when an out of stock item is back in stock.  I hope that is nice and convenient for our customers.

Have a lovely day, and a lovely weekend !


Sunday, 11 November 2012

New colour of shaded pashmina stole now in stock


This shaded pashmina stole is a new addition to our range.

Here are the specs:
70% Cashmere and 30% Silk.
70x200cm (27" x 80")
2ply , twill weave, 28count yarn

Only £47.50 with free next day delivery in the UK - available at

Thanks for reading.


White Unisex cashmere scarf now in stock


This pure cashmere scarf without tassels is now in stock.

It is 45x200cm, 100% cashmere and wonderfully soft and warm.

The price is only £40.15 !  - see

Have a lovely day!


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Swatchbooks .... our badly worded newsletter !


Our newsletter started with the words

"We need your swatch books back !"

Don't worry if you haven't had a swatch book from us, just ignore it.  We are just trying to find out if anyone has a swatchbook and get them back.

Also if you had one and returned it, don't worry.

ooops ... phones are ringing like crazy here now due to our careless words !


Hats for small kids


I just like the picture of Henry in our wonderfully cosy cashmere hats.

Henry has quite a big head !   So I should think these will fit most kids up to about 4 or 5 years old.

Only £19.50 !!  100% cashmere and 4ply for extra thickness .

This cashmere hat is available from


Autumn 2012 Pashmina Colour trends

Fall Fashion 2012 is characterized by very retro influences and unusually bright colors and accessories in which of the Pashmina shawl become one of the most important. Knits, crochets and flowers are some important keywords in the trends for women.

As for trendy colors in women's autumn is still strong pastels very popular. Think Pink, blue, purple and burnt orange - those are probably the most prominent colors.

According to Pantone these are most important:

In Mypashminas colour palette you can find all of those. (we have 129 colours to choose from) Here are some examples:

Ultramarine green - 45x200cm 70% cashmere 30% silk - Only £32.45 with Free Delivery

Spicy Orange - 45x200cm 70% cashmere 30% silk - Only £32.45 with Free Delivery

Princess Blue - 45x200cm 70% cashmere 30% silk - Only £32.45 with Free Delivery

Bright Chartreuse - 45x200cm 70% cashmere 30% silk - Only £32.45 with Free Delivery

Monday, 22 October 2012

New stock just in @ Mypashmina


We have many pashminas back in stock today...

These were all out of stock for a short time.. but now they are back in stock @

Classic Pashmina Large Scarf - 70% Cashmere/30% Silk - Harvest Pumpkin MP19 - 45x200cm
Classic Pashmina Stole - 70% Cashmere/30% Silk - Nightshadow Blue MP111 - 70x200cm
Classic Pashmina Large Scarf - 100% Cashmere - Harvest Pumpkin MP19 - 45x200cm
Classic Pashmina Large Scarf - 100% Cashmere - Quartz Pink MP38 - 45x200cm
Classic Pashmina Large Scarf - 100% Cashmere - Dry Rose MP127 - 45x200cm
Classic Pashmina Stole - 100% Cashmere - White MP01 -70x200cm
Classic Pashmina Stole - 100% Cashmere - Rhododendron Mp27 - 70x200cm
Classic Pashmina Stole - 100% Cashmere - Crimson MP29 - 70x200cm
Classic Pashmina Stole - 100% Cashmere - Deep Orchid MP46 - 70x200cm
Classic Pashmina Stole - 100% Cashmere - Bluemist MP102 - 70x200cm
Classic Pashmina Shawl - 100% Cashmere - Blue Mist MP102 - 90x200cm
Classic Pashmina Shawl - 100% Cashmere - Clematis Blue MP108 - 90x200cm
Classic Pashmina Shawl - 100% Cashmere - Parisian Blue MP115 - 90x200cm
Pashmina Scarf without tassels - 100% Cashmere - White MP01 - 45x200cm  - NEW!
Pashmina Scarf without tassels - 100% Cashmere Black MP09 - 45x200cm
Jacquard Pashmina Stole - 70% Cashmere/30% Silk - Very Berry MP125 - 70x200cm
Pashmina Stole with Swarovski Crystals - 70% Cashmere/30% Silk - Steeple Grey MP05 - 70x200cm
Pashmina Stole with Swarovski Crystals - 70% Cashmere/30% Silk - Winter White MP10 - 70x200cm
Pashmina Stole with Swarovski Crystals - 70% Cashmere/30% Silk - Bright Rose MP33 - 70x200cm
Pashmina Stole with Swarovski Crystals - 70% Cashmere/30% Silk - Dune MP118 - 70x200cm
Pashmina Ring Stole - 100% Cashmere - Steeple Grey MP05 - 70x200cm
Pashmina Ring Stole - 100% Cashmere - Black MP09 - 70x200cm
Pashmina Ring Stole - 100% Cashmere - Candied Ginger MP66 - 70x200cm
Herringbone weave scarf - 100% Cashmere - Black MP09 - 60x190cm
Classic Pashmina Shawl - 70% Cashmere/30% Silk - Parisian Blue MP115 - 90x200cm

We have over 1200 cashmere products in stock.

Have a lovely day.


Friday, 19 October 2012

Cut the prices on some clearance items


To hurry things along a bit, I have cut the price on some of the clearance items, so its worth a fresh look at - look for the link to the clearance* items on the menu on the left.


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A little website improvement

We are currently adding the option to set up an automatic reminder if there is something you want which is currently out of stock.

As soon as we restock, you will get an email letting you know.

So far this option is available on  classic 7030 pashmina shawls and stoles and cashmere hot water bottle covers .. but it will be gradually added to every product on the website.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Banavata - 80% Bamboo/20% Cashmere


I have just made some new photos of our Banavata pashminas.

These pashminas are 80% bamboo / 20% cashmere ,  they measure 60cm x 190cm,  they weigh 180 grams,  so a slightly heavier fabric than the 70% cashmere pashminas (as you would expect).

They have a diamond weave.

The reason for doing new photos is because these pashminas are dyed with vegetable dyes, so the colours are gorgeous but quite subtle. The previous pictures just were not showing them properly, hopefully the new ones are truer.
The price is £59.50 , and you can buy one at

We have 10 colours in stock.

A customer commented on these as follows...
"I just received my 80% Bamboo 20% Cashmere stole, and I’m amazed at how beautifully soft and incredibly smooth it is. Weightier than your cashmere, drapes exceptionally well, having about 10 or so of your cashmere pashmina's, I am also absolutely delighted with this one too, a bit more of a sheen to the fabric, but only slightly so, I would highly recommend this fibre to others to try"

Thanks for reading


Thursday, 20 September 2012

New Pashminas - also for men

These new pashminas are amazingly soft.  I have just photographed them and like most of our products, i have to say they are much better in real life than in the pictures...

The pure cashmere is very warm and they will get even better the more you use them.

They are 100% Cashmere, 2ply, 28 count yarn.  They measure 45x200cm, They have an open end - (no tassels)  We have 5 colours in stock.

Nice and handy comment from a lovely customer!

I though this might be useful to anyone considering buying a ring shawl.

Dear Mypashmina team

I just wanted to write and thank you for my beautiful ring shawl which arrived today.  And for the brilliant service: I received it in under 24 hours without paying for priority delivery!

The shawl feels so luxuriously soft and I love the subtle colour of it.  I've found that "pashminas" vary - even though they all state that they are 70% cashmere/30% silk, some are soft and others feel as harsh as wool.  I have very sensitive skin, can't wear wool and thought I was taking a bit of a chance ordering 100% cashmere but I am so glad I did - this feels gorgeous.

I can see that I will be tempted to order again in future!

With all best wishes

PS if you wanted to know how I found you - I'm very "into" personal colour analysis and I found the link on one of the PCA blogs I read, which happens to be based in Australia.  Colour matching is so important if you've "had your colours done" - I've become slightly obsessional about mine!

We have ring shawls (90x200cm) in stock, and we have just added ring stoles (70x200cm) to our range. The stole size comes with an open fringe and the shawl size comes with tassels -

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Many New Items on Clearance

Hi Blog followers !

Have a look at the clearance pages on  (especially the clearance pashminas),  as we have just added a load of new items there.

It is a good time to grab a cashmere bargain.


Monday, 13 August 2012

Pashmina Stole 55x200cm now in stock

Back by popular demand, our middle sized pashmina stole in between the large scarf and the stole size.

These pashmina stoles measure 55x200cm.

We have the following colours of pashminas (for now)

Steeple Grey
Fiery Red
Harvest Pumpkin
and   Black (but we quickly ran out and will have  new stock soon .... you have to be quick!)'

These are made from 70% cashmere and 30% silk.

Please see our testimonials page, we are proud to have made so many customers happy :)

Friday, 20 July 2012

With wedding season well and truly underway whay noy treat yourself, or a friend, to a beautiful pashmina - we all need a little bit of luxury to keep us warm in this uncelement weather!

Our ring shawls are 100% Cashmere yet delicate and lightweight, perfect! And at just £65.89 they really are the 'must have' of the season.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

We have just taken delivery of our new cashmere zip up hoody.

It has been very carefully designed, and has lots of nice details.

It will fit very nicely and is a practical and stylish item

It is currently available in two melange colours, and 2 more colours will be in stock soon.

I hope you like it.


Cashmere round necks - now only £30

Hello,  we are clearing out some of our old styles, so we have reduced these pure cashmere round necks to just £30 while stocks last !

/Paul  -


New - Winter Weight Wavy Shawl in Nightshade


We have a new colour of one of our most luxurious cashmere shawls in stock now.

This  pure cashmere shawl is 4 ply, which means it is thick and relatively heavy.

It has a wavy pattern in the weave.

This pashmina measures 80x200cm.
Winter Weight Wavy Shawl - 80x200cm - £109
See for details.


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Namaste Banepa

Almost since we started we have been raising money for our favourite cause in Nepal.

It is called Namaste Banepa and they help children from poor families to go to school.

This is achieved by a combination of buying the books , uniforms and equipment that the kids need  and encouraging the parents to allow their kids to go to school rather than work at home.

It is entirely run by voluntary efforts. All running costs are covered by the volunteers.

In effect, we need to raise about £100 to keep 1 child in school for 1 year.

Over the last year, our lovely customers donated  £564.34.  We have added a little over £250 to this amount.  This means together 8/9 kids will get to stay in school for another year, whereas otherwise they would not.

If you feel like contributing, there is the option at the checkout on our website.


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Winston modelling the new kids cashmere

Any thoughts on these new 5 cashmere items would be greatly appreciated....

cashmere for children - coming soon to

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Kids cashmere - what do you think ?

Any opinions on these ?

about £90

about £50
about £90
about £60
about £80

We would love to hear your thoughts ???

What lovely customers we have !

Thanks to "MP" who sent this today!  We love receiving praise !


I should start by telling you that I rarely write reviews good or bad, but I have just been so impressed by your company and your products I felt I had to tell you.

I picked up my pashminas from my local sorting office today (I missed the courier on Friday) I purchased the rio red with Swarovski crystals and the jacquard white. Opened the package up when I got home, they are absolutely stunning, so, so, so, so, so, BEAUTIFUL!!! I cannot wait to wear them :-)

The Entire online buying experience with your co was fantastic, from the easy to navigate website, prompt order confirmation and despatch, the email from you customer service dept re-clarifying how the charge would appear on my statement, everything... First class!

This may have been my first purchase from Mypashmina, but I can guarantee it most definitely will not be my last!! :-)

Thanks and kind regards,

Swarovski Crystal Pashmina
14th February 2012 "