Sunday, 30 November 2008

Paul & Caroline In Nepal - p2

The factory where your pashminas and knitwear is made , is pretty nice. It is on the edge of Kathmandu and is in a peaceful valley, with lots of green space. It has an open courtyard and is clean with a friendly atmosphere. We have visited a number of factories in the area which are not as nice.

However, we are working to improve our factory further.

This week we gave all the employees a questionnaire. We made it clear that the factory managers would not see individual questionnaires, and we took them to a friend in Kathmandu to translate the answers for us.

Some interesting issues have arisen from this , and we are working now to implement improvements.

1. We have set up a proper rubbish sorting system.
2. There will now be monthly meetings in each department to keep the staff and management close and communicating well

got to go... power cut in 3 minutes!


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Christmas comfort...

After all the lovely temptations over the Christmas holiday (chocolates...cake...pudding...sherry...the list is endless!) wouldn't it be wonderful to relax in style without showing off any added lumps and bumps?

No need to look any further as we have the perfect solution in our great new ladies Deep Cut Relaxed V Neck! Still as wonderfully stylish as our classic Fitted Ladies V but with a more generous cut and relaxed fit this jumper is the ultimate in cashmere cosiness. Great for informal parties and country walks and available in five lovely colours - you can't really go wrong!



Monday, 24 November 2008

Paul & Caroline In Nepal

We are in Nepal at the moment, working to improve the factory, work on new ideas, and make sure everyone is happy.

Today we walked to the local shop, and asked them for their onion skins.. a gang of people gathered around and were pretty close to falling over with laughter.. WHO WOULD WANT ONION SKINS ??? THEY MUST BE MENTAL ?? .. if only my Nepalese was better!

The shopkeeper obliged, and 15 minutes later we had a carrier bag full of onion skins. We took these back to the factory, and boiled them up in an iron pot.

Then we dyed some pashminas with them for varying lengths of time... the result ? Perfect, rich natural yellows .. with the raw materials free of charge, and completely natural... We'll wait until tomorrow before washing the dyed pashminas to see if they dye has held properly.

Due to this small success we are keen to make more completely natural dyes from locally available herbs, spices, vegetables, minerals and anything else that works.

So if anyone has any good ideas, please do email.. i'll make sure you get at least 10% off your order, if it's a workable idea!



Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Extended Opening Hours @ Mypashmina

From 17th November until 20th December, you will be able to phone us any time between 7:30am and 7:00pm.

Our website - - is open 24/7/365

Cats and pashminas

If you have a cat, you know how funny they can be. My cat (Adolf) loves being in the photostudio, when I bring him to the office, so some times I try our stuff on at him for fun. He even likes posing with a pashmina!

This is a Imperial blue 7030 Shawl. £49.50 at

Discount codes for everyone elses shop


Here's a money saving tip.

I came across this very handy site the other day. - you can simply type in any domain name and it will tell you some current discount codes - try it !

To make it even easier , you can install a plugin in the Firefox browser (it's just 1 click to do this) , which means that if you are on a website where other people have discovered discunt codes , it will give you a signal. Click here to get this

I like the Tesco discounts, saving on everyday neccessities leaves more money to spend on cashmere !

Monday, 10 November 2008

We love our new gingham pashminas (£48 , visit ).

If you do, and you must have the shoes to match , then run along to and pick up these funky gingham wellies for just £29.99.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

The swatchbook of 2008

If you've been to lately you probably noticed that we introduced our new swatchbook this summer. A lot of effort was put into this swatchbook to make sure we have every colour you would ever need, while still being small enough for us to send it out to you. All of the 117 new colours are Pantone colours to make it easier for you to find matching cashmere products for the rest of your wardrobe.

This pile of beautiful colourful greens and blues (and a little yellow) gives you alternatives of colours that could brighten your outfit. The colours you see are, in order from the top: mp12 Buttercup, mp89 Lime Green, mp85 Forest Green, mp90 Online Lime, mp93 Verdant Green, mp94 Ultramarine Green, mp96 Biscay Bay, mp97 Enamel Blue, mp106 Princess Blue.

As you can see we have several different shades of off-white to perfectly match your outfit. Because of the delicate cashmere fibre we will never be able to offer you a pure paper white, but the whitest shade we have is completely undyed and perfectly natural. The bleaching we would have to use to make a pure white would destroy the cashmere fibre, so watch out when looking at pashminas from other sources. The colours you see in this pile are, in order from the top: mp1 White, mp2 White Sand, mp10 Winter White, mp77 Silver Birch, mp76 Sandshell, mp11 Italian Straw, mp78 Green Haze, mp40 Barely Pink, mp100 Blue Glow.

If you prefer the elegant and muted shades, there is a wide range of muted colours in the swatchbook. This pile shows you only some of the purple and pink shades, but we do have muted shades of every colour of the rainbow. The colours you see here are, in order from the top: mp54 Nightshade, mp63 Rabbit, mp58 Purpla Ash, mp42 Wood Rose, mp43 Withered Rose, mp44 Wild Ginger, mp31 Raspberry Wine, mp27 Rhododendron.

Not all of these colours are in stock in every model and size, but for no extra cost at all we can have any pashmina or cashmere knitwear made for you in only 3-4 weeks from any colour in the swatchbook. That's the way we do things at

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Custom made cashmere - an excellent Christams gift

5 steps to the perfect Christmas gift...

1.) Visit and browse around

2.) Order a swatch book containing 117 colours. (fabric samples for the best accuracy)

3.) Visit again and order cashmere knitwear or pashminas to be especially made.

4.) Wait 3-4 weeks us to make it for you and deliver to your door.

5.) Wrap and give a unique and much treasured Christmas present