Friday, 15 August 2008

SPECIAL OFFER - Mens pashminas

Buy black for only £26.50
(free delivery)

This pashmina has no tassles, its suitable for men (and also women who doesnt prefer tassles)

Its made of 100% cashmere and measures 45x200 cm. Have a look at

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Gingham pashminas now in stock!

Gingham Pashminas

We have these funky gingham patterned pashminas in stock the 20th of august. They are the same great quality as our plain pashminas but are woven with 2 colours to create the square pattern.

- 70cm x 200cm (27" x 80")
- 70% Cashmere / 30% Silk
- Handmade in Nepal
- 8 colours in stock
- Only the finest quality at Mypashmina

Colorganic collection now in stock!!

We decided to do something more with bamboo rather than just eating it or building with it. Bamboo is amazing. You would see surprised to see how soft it feels!

Bamboo is slightly shiny, like silk, but it has the feel of cashmere though not as warm. Bamboo is hypo-allergenic and good for people with sensitive skin. Some people call it eco-cashmere. We have decided to take the bamboo idea further and mix it with cashmere.

80% bamboo and 20% cashmere is the perfect mix. It gives you the warmth and yet more softness! Bamboo is a great plant because its also a weed which means it grows very fast, up to a meter per day, and therefore no fertilizers or pesticides are needed. The bamboo is organic, and so is the cashmere. We have revived old dyeing techniques using plants and metals. This is called vegetable dyeing.

In the end we have created a range with some very nice colorganic bamboo/cashmere knitwear that feels great, looks gorgeous and is eco!

Now in stock on Mypashmina

Bambu/cashmere pashminas

Short sleeve poloshirt

Grandad shirt

Argyle v-neck

Stripey V-neck


V-neck with stitched edges

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Clearance prices slashed on Mypashmina

Where can you buy a cashmere jumper for £30 or cashmere gloves for £9 - try the clearance pages on

I have just reduced all the clearance prices even further, so it is a great opportunity that will not be repeated.

Paul !

Mens cashmere polo necks are back!

We have tweaked the design on these mens pure cashmere polo necks to make them fit absolutely perfectly. It is amazing the difference that an inch here or there can make !

We have black and navy-blue in stock at the moment and will soon be adding 4 more colours, including bright red and mosstone green.

Suggestions for colours are always welcome.

The price is £85 and they are available with free next day delivery from

New Herringbone Cashmere Scarf on

This wonderful cashmere scarf is available in 7 different colour combinations.

It is very very soft. We were very please with how it turned out from our original design.

The quality of the cashmere is excellent.

The price is £59 and they are in stock now at