Saturday, 25 February 2017

Scientific Reason Cashmere Keeps You Warm

Cashmere is a form of wool that keeps sheet and people warm and comfortable in the cold, harsh weather of the winter in four season climates. There are solid scientific reasons why cashmere delivers such comfort in cold climates and how it delivers the look and warmth for which it is famous.
Where Does Cashmere Come From?
Cashmere is a softer form of wool, which is legendary for keeping both sheep and people warm. Wool keeps you warm because it is composed of a scientifically sophisticated organized web of fibers on a sheep’s back. Sheep are sheared during spring months after their wool has grown in thickness over the cold winter months.
The average weight of a sheep’s fleece is around 3.7 kilograms; but, some larger sheep can have up to 13.6 kilograms. Even when a sheep’s wool gets wet from heavy rain, the sheep stays warm and comfy thanks to this amazing fiber.
Why Does Cashmere Keep Sheep, Goats, and Humans Warm?
Wool from a sheep’s or goat’s underbelly or chin and neck is the prime ingredient in cashmere. The highest quality cashmere contains the longest and finest hair closest to the skin of the animal. Genuine cashmere includes fibers, the diameter of each must be less than 19 microns.
The finest cashmere products are made from even smaller diameter fibers, around 14 microns, which is ultra-thin by any measurement standard. According to the Los Angeles Times, genuine cashmere is eight times warmer than sheep’s wool. It is also much lighter than wool, because of the thinness of the fibers used.
Genuine cashmere come from the Capra-Hircus goat, which lives in the Himalayan Mountains and Mongolia. It is cold much of the year in these locales. Quality sellers, such as, regularly test the quality of the cashmere they offer customers. In MyPashmina’s case, we test our products every few months for quality consistency.
Since these goats have two layers of wool, if you were to “pet” a Capra-Hircus goat you would feel the rough wool on its outside. But, if you examined it further (assuming the goat would let you do so), you would be impressed with the softness of its wool closest to its skin, which keeps the goat warm and cozy in the coldest of weather. This is the wool that we use for our cashmere products.
While cashmere is much lighter than traditional wool, it keeps you eight times warmer than wool. Whether you have a cashmere scarf or sweater, you will remain fashionable and cozy wearing genuine cashmere garments.
The reason cashmere keeps its host animal – and you – warm, is because its fibers trap natural body warmth, which makes it “breathable” to help cool you down in the summer. While you might think of wearing wool in the summer heat, you’ll remain comfortable wearing cashmere.

Visit to see the genuine cashmere products we offer. The only thing you’ll miss is feeling the plush difference in cashmere versus rougher wool. However, both will keep you warm in winter, cool in summer, and always looking fashionable.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

How to Choose Pashmina Colors that Suit You

Every colour of pashmina is available from
Deciding which colours flatter you can be important and, often, confusing. However, you should always choose colours that bring your skin tone, hair, and eyes to “life.” Picking the wrong colours can make you appear “washed-out” and do nothing to enhance your look.
Choosing the “Right” Colours for You
The often-confusing question: How will you know that a colour enhances your appearance to make you look your best? Follow this fundamental rule to choose colours that enhance, not detract, from your appearance.
Whenever you are out shopping or visiting an e-commerce website, place the garment under your chin or place the pashmina colour (on your monitor) next to your face in daylight, not artificial lighting, neon or otherwise.
You will see if the colour livens and brightens your features, including your eyes. If your answer is “Yes.” You can now be comfortable buying or ordering a wearable product in this or closely-related colour.
However, if the colour causes your skin to look dull and washed-out, disregard the colour as it is “wrong” for you. Also, disregard colours that shows your wrinkles, makes you look like you added pounds, or makes you look tired.
Don’t panic if a colour does not suit you, but, you love it. You can wear this colour with different accessories in colours that do suit you.
Know Your Colour Season
Most experienced colour experts believe that each season is a complimentary combination of three “primary colours” (red, yellow, and blue). Every human exhibits strong variations of red.
Human “undertones” should include either blue or yellow hints, depending on your natural skin colour season.
Spring Colour Season
You probably have dark brown hair with red, chestnut, or gold hues. Your skin may be pink beige, peach, creamy ivory, or golden. You also tan easily. You may have green, hazel, or blue eyes.
You should like warm colors (brown, yellow, gold, ivory, dark blue, turquoise, or pastels).
Summer Colour Season

You will be a natural blonde, with fair skin, complimented by blue or green eyes.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Ten Weird and Crazy Ways to Use a Pashmina

Pashminas are versatile and a garment staple for fashionable women. A cashmere pashmina may be the most versatile garment in your closet. Whether you wear it in winter or summer, there are many ways to use pashminas in interesting or weird ways to enhance your appearance.
Some Creative (Sometimes Crazy) Ways to Use a Pashmina
You can unlock your creativity with a pashmina (scarf or shawl). You can be as creative as you like since this garment will adapt to your whim.
  1. Wrap yourself in a “twist” or traditional knot.

    The “twist” involves wrapping the pashmina around your neck once. After you tighten your neck loop, choose to hang your tails in front or on your back. You also could use the knot by hanging your tails in front and tying a knot. You can tighten the knot at your throat or make it loose for more casual wear.

  2. The “chain link” displays a more creative look.

    You can start with a traditional knot. Then make another loose knot at the front of your neck. Take the ends and make another loose knot so your pashmina looks like a chain with links.

  3. The “twisted knot” is always interesting and a little weird.

    Wrap the garment around your neck, with both tails hanging in front. Keeping the scarf loose tie an equally loose knot with both tails. Then wrap the tails around the loop you made 2 or 3 times.

  4. The “double hacking knot.

    Make a single hacking knot, with a loop and two tails. After, pull one tail through the original loop, twisting it to make a ring. Then pull the other tail through the ring.

  5. Braid your pashmina.

    Make single hacking knot with its loop and 2 tails. Pull one tail through the loop; then twist the loop, making a ring, Pull the second tail through the loop, twisting it again to make a new ring. Then pull the first tail back through the new ring, continuing this pattern till you run out of braid material.

  6. The “knotted loop.”

    Drape the pashmina loosely at the front of your torso, with the two tails hanging on your back over your shoulders. Let the loop drop slightly below the top of your chest. Tie the tails in a tight double knot in the back, with your tails hanging along your spine. Then pull the pashmina forward to drape it fashionably.

  7. The pashmina “bow.”

    Yes, this is a little weird and crazy. How do you tie your shoes? You probably don’t even think about it anymore – but think about how you might teach a child. Wrap your neck and tie your pashmina in a loose knot. Make two half-loops with your tails. Then cross these to make an “X.” You should have a mega bow which you can adjust to suit you.

  8. The pashmina “tie.”

    This is weirder than #7. Tie your pashmina as you would a men’s tie. It’s OK to get help if you’re a woman. Use the right tail to fashion the tie knot. You don’t need to slip the knot tightly around your neck if you’re going casual today.

  9. The pashmina “faux bandana.”

    You can make your pashmina into a bandana by draping it over your chest with the tails down your back. Cross the tails around your shoulders, draping them down the front. Tie the ends together in a tight knot at your bust. You can drape it rather loosely across your neck or chest.

  10. The pashmina “belt.”

    This a bit bizarre, but easy to make. Just wrap it around your waist and tie your pashmina in a knot. You can leave the tails hanging loosely or rewrap it around your waist again while tucking the ends into the knot loop.

There are many other possible ways to use your pashmina, such as hair tie-backs, head scarfs, as capes and shawls, and even as skirts and beach cover-ups. When we say pashminas are versatile, we mean it! Visit to get some other creative ideas to create different looks.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

5 reasons to buy Cashmere and Pashminas with bitcoin

Five Reasons to Use Bitcoin to Make Your Cashmere Purchases

Bitcoin, the newest type of currency, is becoming more than a curious form of payment system. Since it no longer commands media “trending headlines,” as a curiosity, you can be confidant when using it as more merchants accept this currency. There are some good reasons you should consider using bitcoin as your payment for purchases. Some of these solid reasons are noted below.
Some Reasons to Use Bitcoin to Make Cashmere Purchases
  • offers a 10 percent discount for customers purchasing cashmere garments from us with bitcoin.

    We offer only genuine cashmere products. You can see and feel the difference from lower quality “cashmere” imitation pashminas, including other garments and accessories, you can buy and wear our high-quality cashmere garments.

    While bitcoin is still considered “alternative virtual currency,” it’s becoming more acceptable by many merchants around the globe. There are good reasons that bitcoin makes customers more confidant to take advantage of the many important features of this currency.

  • Bitcoin is fast, cheap, and easy to use.

    Unlike cheques, banks need not place “holds” on your payments because you present a non-local cheque for the product(s) you want to buy. Instead of waiting for or paying bank fees for international wire transfers, bitcoin transactions are faster.

    Since merchants (maybe, even you) pay for credit card transactions, merchants often charge higher prices for using credit or debit cards for e-commerce purchases. Paying with bitcoin involves no “swipe fees,” common with most card transactions, you enjoy minimal transaction fees or find that using bitcoin is free-of-charge.

  • Black hat hackers cannot steal your private, sensitive credit card information from merchants.

    This is a critical advantage of using bitcoin for purchases. As hackers become more sophisticated, they often stay ahead of the most current security procedures offered by many merchants.

    Black hat hackers cannot steal your card numbers, expiration dates, or CSV numbers, since you did not offer them to merchants. Hackers, therefore, have nothing to steal. Since the ‘Net was never designed for credit or debit cards, it is impossible to totally secure your private information. Since using cards (even, chip cards) are “card not present” transactions, merchants pay slightly more for your purchases and even temporarily need your private information for transactions. Efficient hackers have software that can create breaches in merchant security, leading to your sensitive information being stolen. Using bitcoin means your private information stays private and protected.

  • Bitcoin is a “private” currency platform.

    Blockchain allows you to know what your balance is and track your bitcoin use and purchases. No one knows the name of the owner of an account. While people can see into your clear plastic wallet, it’s impossible for outsiders to know it’s yours.
  • Unlike bank or PayPal accounts, you own your bitcoin account.

    If a bank believes you misused your account, they can “freese” your balance without discussing it with you. Since bitcoin involves both a “public” and a “private” key for your bitcoin address, unless you publish your private key information, no one can take away funds from your bitcoin account. It is safe, since you own it.

These are but five reasons (there are more) using bitcoin is more secure than using credit or debit cards for purchases. If you want genuine cashmere garments, visit and use bitcoin as your preferred payment. You’ll get a 10 percent discount and protect your sensitive card information.