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Ten Weird and Crazy Ways to Use a Pashmina

Pashminas are versatile and a garment staple for fashionable women. A cashmere pashmina may be the most versatile garment in your closet. Whether you wear it in winter or summer, there are many ways to use pashminas in interesting or weird ways to enhance your appearance.
Some Creative (Sometimes Crazy) Ways to Use a Pashmina
You can unlock your creativity with a pashmina (scarf or shawl). You can be as creative as you like since this garment will adapt to your whim.
  1. Wrap yourself in a “twist” or traditional knot.

    The “twist” involves wrapping the pashmina around your neck once. After you tighten your neck loop, choose to hang your tails in front or on your back. You also could use the knot by hanging your tails in front and tying a knot. You can tighten the knot at your throat or make it loose for more casual wear.

  2. The “chain link” displays a more creative look.

    You can start with a traditional knot. Then make another loose knot at the front of your neck. Take the ends and make another loose knot so your pashmina looks like a chain with links.

  3. The “twisted knot” is always interesting and a little weird.

    Wrap the garment around your neck, with both tails hanging in front. Keeping the scarf loose tie an equally loose knot with both tails. Then wrap the tails around the loop you made 2 or 3 times.

  4. The “double hacking knot.

    Make a single hacking knot, with a loop and two tails. After, pull one tail through the original loop, twisting it to make a ring. Then pull the other tail through the ring.

  5. Braid your pashmina.

    Make single hacking knot with its loop and 2 tails. Pull one tail through the loop; then twist the loop, making a ring, Pull the second tail through the loop, twisting it again to make a new ring. Then pull the first tail back through the new ring, continuing this pattern till you run out of braid material.

  6. The “knotted loop.”

    Drape the pashmina loosely at the front of your torso, with the two tails hanging on your back over your shoulders. Let the loop drop slightly below the top of your chest. Tie the tails in a tight double knot in the back, with your tails hanging along your spine. Then pull the pashmina forward to drape it fashionably.

  7. The pashmina “bow.”

    Yes, this is a little weird and crazy. How do you tie your shoes? You probably don’t even think about it anymore – but think about how you might teach a child. Wrap your neck and tie your pashmina in a loose knot. Make two half-loops with your tails. Then cross these to make an “X.” You should have a mega bow which you can adjust to suit you.

  8. The pashmina “tie.”

    This is weirder than #7. Tie your pashmina as you would a men’s tie. It’s OK to get help if you’re a woman. Use the right tail to fashion the tie knot. You don’t need to slip the knot tightly around your neck if you’re going casual today.

  9. The pashmina “faux bandana.”

    You can make your pashmina into a bandana by draping it over your chest with the tails down your back. Cross the tails around your shoulders, draping them down the front. Tie the ends together in a tight knot at your bust. You can drape it rather loosely across your neck or chest.

  10. The pashmina “belt.”

    This a bit bizarre, but easy to make. Just wrap it around your waist and tie your pashmina in a knot. You can leave the tails hanging loosely or rewrap it around your waist again while tucking the ends into the knot loop.

There are many other possible ways to use your pashmina, such as hair tie-backs, head scarfs, as capes and shawls, and even as skirts and beach cover-ups. When we say pashminas are versatile, we mean it! Visit to get some other creative ideas to create different looks.

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