Saturday, 18 February 2017

How to Choose Pashmina Colors that Suit You

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Deciding which colours flatter you can be important and, often, confusing. However, you should always choose colours that bring your skin tone, hair, and eyes to “life.” Picking the wrong colours can make you appear “washed-out” and do nothing to enhance your look.
Choosing the “Right” Colours for You
The often-confusing question: How will you know that a colour enhances your appearance to make you look your best? Follow this fundamental rule to choose colours that enhance, not detract, from your appearance.
Whenever you are out shopping or visiting an e-commerce website, place the garment under your chin or place the pashmina colour (on your monitor) next to your face in daylight, not artificial lighting, neon or otherwise.
You will see if the colour livens and brightens your features, including your eyes. If your answer is “Yes.” You can now be comfortable buying or ordering a wearable product in this or closely-related colour.
However, if the colour causes your skin to look dull and washed-out, disregard the colour as it is “wrong” for you. Also, disregard colours that shows your wrinkles, makes you look like you added pounds, or makes you look tired.
Don’t panic if a colour does not suit you, but, you love it. You can wear this colour with different accessories in colours that do suit you.
Know Your Colour Season
Most experienced colour experts believe that each season is a complimentary combination of three “primary colours” (red, yellow, and blue). Every human exhibits strong variations of red.
Human “undertones” should include either blue or yellow hints, depending on your natural skin colour season.
Spring Colour Season
You probably have dark brown hair with red, chestnut, or gold hues. Your skin may be pink beige, peach, creamy ivory, or golden. You also tan easily. You may have green, hazel, or blue eyes.
You should like warm colors (brown, yellow, gold, ivory, dark blue, turquoise, or pastels).
Summer Colour Season

You will be a natural blonde, with fair skin, complimented by blue or green eyes.

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