Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Custom orders - Guaranteed Christmas Delivery

The last date which you can order custom made cashmere items and have guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas is 14th November.

Orders up until 21st November , we will try, but i wouldn't be able to guarantee delivery for Christmas.

You can have almost any item that we sell made in any size and any colour. The price is either the same or 10% more than our in stock items.

/ Paul

Monday, 26 October 2009

New - Cashmere Blankets - £335

Weighing in at a hefty 700grams, these large cashmere blankets are the ultimate in cashmere luxury.

They are 100% Pure cashmere, and the quality of the material and the basketweave mean that it feels incredibly soft.

There are 7 colours availale, and they measure 140x180cm.


Monday, 5 October 2009

What is Dashain ?

Dashain is the Nepalese festival- where lots of goats (not cashmere goats!) have their heads chopped off! Watch this video to find out more...


New - Pure Silk Scarves in 22 colours

We have more than 20 colours of our wonderful new silk scarves.

They are made from 210 quality silk, which is a finer grade of silk than our previous silk scarves.

It means that they are more floaty, less creasable and they feel wonderfully soft and silky.

They are 60x190cm, which we think is a very versitile size.

The price is just £28.50


Friday, 2 October 2009

Royal Mail strike

It's annoying , but not as bad as you might think from the news reports.

It seems to be mainly affecting London. We've found that some of the packges sent with our free option (Royalmail 1st Class recorded) are being delayed by 1-2 days. A few have been delayed by about 5 days.

Items sent with Special Delivery are always getting delivered on time (except the one day where our local postie went on strike and didn't collect the mail!).

So, If your order is for a special occasion, I would recommend spending the extra £5.40 on Special Delivery to take the worry out of whether or not it will be delivered in time.

If the strike carries on much longer, or gets worse, we will add a courier option for about the same price as Special Delivery.