Thursday, 28 January 2016

3 New Colours of Cashmere Hats In Stock

We have 3 new colours of cashmere hats in stock now at

They are 100% Cashmere and 4ply which means they are nice and thick.  They have a cabled design.

We love these cashmere hats. We wear them all the time and our children wear the kids version constantly.

These hats are only £25, which is great value... infact it's too great value.. so the price is going to have to go up to £33 very soon !

Friday, 22 January 2016

Cashmere and silk quality testing using a laboratory for Mypashmina

From time to time we use a laboratory to test the quality of our products to ensure that the quality is consistent and their is nothing dodgy going on at any step of the supply chain. We have been using the same supply chain for years so we are confident, but it is good to check every now and then.

The laboratory we use, uses a technique called projection microscopy to identify which fibres are present and in which quantities. They take 1000 fibres at random, photograph them on a projection microscope and count how many have the characteristics of the types of fibres in their database. In our case it was purely cashmere and silk as expected.

Our most recent test was for an Angelweave cashmere shawl - (Only £79.50 at ). These are made with handspun cashmere weft and a pure silk warp. As they are hand-spun, the width of the cashmere yarn varies throughout the item so it is difficult to be precise with the fibre content. On our website, we say the product contains 90% cashmere and 10% silk. This is a pretty good estimate.

We sent one off to SGS laboratories to have it tested. The test cost £408 ,  so it's not cheap to have a proper test that identifies both the exact fibre contect and the quality of the fibres in the yarn.

The result of the test is below - 92.6% Cashmere, and 7.4% Silk  and 0% anything else.

If you want to find out more about the inspection methods for checking the fibre content of cashmere items, read this report:

Also, if you are buying cashmere elsewhere - shock horror - you can always ask to see any cashmere testing certificates. A good supplier will have a recent one to hand for the concerned customer.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

This weeks offer - 40% off Frilled edge knitted pashminas!

This week we have 40% off our frilled edge shawls until January 26th. Dont miss the offer! Buy now on today and get free next day delivery.

These are beautiful shawls that are heavier than our usual ones and keep you warm and snug. They are made of 50% pure cashmere and 50% pure silk and so they both look and feel luxurious. Our frilled edge shawls are large enough to be used as a blanket - perfect for those chilly evenings. Looks good too - wear them on special occasions and dont be surprised if you receive nice compliments!

Friday, 15 January 2016

SALE! Gorgeous kids hats in Cashmere

Dont miss our clearance sale for our gorgeous kids hats in Cashmere. They are 4-ply (double thickness) and in a beautiful cable design. 100% pure cashmere. Lovely and soft. Keeps you warm in cold weather and doesnt itch. Cashmere hats will never be this cheap for this quality. We need to clear this to make room for new stock. Take the opportunity and buy one now!

You will find them at - look at the "clearance" link on the left side menu.

Happy shopping!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

50% off cashmere scarves until January 19th

This January, the weather is looking very cold over the next few weeks. But we have a solution.
Stay cosy with these double layer stripey cashmere scarves.
This week only we are offering them for half price with the discount code 50cosy.
We are also offering 20% off our pure cashmere snoods, cable twist hats and cable twist mittens. Use the codecosy20 if you buy any or all of those.
This offer will end on 19th January 2016 -

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Keep your neck warm in winter with our snoods!

Cashmere snood for only £44.95 from Mypashmina.

Snoods are a practical and stylish way to keep you neck (and/or) head warm without having to tie a scarf. Just wrap it around your neck. Perfect for those that often are in a hurry too! 

This isnt just any snood - this is 100% pure cashmere that is made by hand in our small factory in Nepal where the people that make them are happy about their workplace and enjoy making them. 

We have sourced the finest cashmere from Inner Mongolia and often do quality test to ensure purity (as unfortunaly is needed to be done in this business as the garment saying it contains 100% cashmere sometimes actually is something else).

Our snoods come in 9 fashionable colours. Buy one now and get it next day with free delivery!