Thursday, 23 January 2014

Visit in pashmina factory

We just returned after a two week long visit in the pashmina-factory in Nepal. This was the first time we went there the whole family with our small children.

Everything is the same as before and working very well so this was just a friendly visit and to check out a few new ideas.

We went on a staff picknick in an area called Kakani which is right outside the Kathmandu valley on a mountain top. The air was very fresh and the sun was shining warm. From there we could see the snow capped high peaks of the Himalayas and a clear day (which wasnt really that day) you can see Mount Everest.

A catering firm that was hired served breakfast and a lovely lunch consisting of different curries, breads, rice and drinks like chai tea, water, cocktails and beer.

Naresh who is related to the factory owner was a DJ and played the latest hits that everyone was dancing to. There were 10-15 other picknicks going on at different hills in the same area simultaneously so you could hear music from everywhere although this was out in the wilds on a mountain top.

Everyone was dancing and had lots of fun

The children enjoyed looking at what was going on in the production. Here are pashminas being dyed in orange. 

There was also room for play on the terrace outside the staff kitchen. 

..From where you also could enjoy the nice view of the Kathmandu valley.