About Mypashmina

Mypashmina was started in 2002 by Paul King. He spent 6 months working in Nepal, and discovered the beauty and quality of the Nepali pashminas. Today its run by Paul King and Caroline King.The business has grown steadily, largely due to recommendations. We now have storage facilities in the UK and Sweden.

Our aim is to provide exactly what our customers want, namely:

1. Any style in any colour and size, which is why we have the made to order options.
2. Fast and free delivery.
3. Friendly and helpful customer service.
4. Good value; we want to provide cashmere of fantastic quality at a good price.

Our principles and the way we do business is based on the following:

1. Be normal, accessible and not too corporate. This is why we use ourselves and friends as models, and when you phone you can always speak to the boss if you want to.

2. Be kind to the environment. All of our rubbish is sorted, we only use natural dyes, and we use minimal packaging.

3. Be kind to the staff. The weavers in Nepal are well paid and work in good conditions.

4. Never say no. If you want 50 pashminas that are 13meters long and studded with crystals, we will make it for you.

We are always open to new ideas, so if there is anything that we dont have that you think we should stock please contact Caroline at caroline@mypashmina.co.uk.

We also cooperate with the local Nepali charity Namaste Banepa (www.namastebanepa.com). Namaste Banepa support poor children from rural areas around Kathmandu, by financing school fees which means that many nepali children now have access to an education they would otherwise be denied. Everyone that works for Namaste Banepa do it completely voluntary so all the funds that are raised will go directly to the children. No money is taken into administrative costs or to finance expensive landrovers and properties which unfortunately happens too often in many big global charities. Transaction charges are financed by Mypashmina. You can choose to donate something at the checkout. If you donate £50, we will too.

Lastly, Mypashmina ,although a pleasure to run, is always up for sale as a going concern. We have a large customer base, good search rankings and great sources. Email us or Phone Paul (0208 123 0557).

Mypashmina Limited Company No. 05708615

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