Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Namaste Banepa

Almost since we started we have been raising money for our favourite cause in Nepal.

It is called Namaste Banepa and they help children from poor families to go to school.

This is achieved by a combination of buying the books , uniforms and equipment that the kids need  and encouraging the parents to allow their kids to go to school rather than work at home.

It is entirely run by voluntary efforts. All running costs are covered by the volunteers.

In effect, we need to raise about £100 to keep 1 child in school for 1 year.

Over the last year, our lovely customers donated  £564.34.  We have added a little over £250 to this amount.  This means together 8/9 kids will get to stay in school for another year, whereas otherwise they would not.

If you feel like contributing, there is the option at the checkout on our website.


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