Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Bohemian chic cashmere ideas

Bohemian style comes from the 1700s when people wanted a minimalist lifestyle but is now associated with expressing individuality. Usually its characterized by earthy-tones with splashes of color, patterns, flowers and excessive accessories. Boho chic style allows individuals to express their desire to break away from social norms and live unconventionally. As a fan of the Bohemian style of course we have of course some influences for the boho style in our range of Cashmere knitwear and accessories too. Here are some suggestions to get the Boho-style in Cashmere :)

You will find these items and much more in our webshop Mypashmina 

1. Above - 100% Dungaree Cashmere dress in a cute design, use over trousers or just like it is. It has pretty hemmed edges in contrast colours and coconut buttons. 

2. Scoop neck cardigan in Bamboo and Cashmere - vegetable dyed - for the conscious crowd.

3. Crochet knit Cashmere scarves. Each scarf is unique, made by hand in Nepal in 100% cashmere

4. Jacquard Silk Stole - Peacock design. Covers your back as a stole or fold it and use as a scarf.

5. Kids "Pippi" jumper in 100% cashmere. Keeps your child warm and snug, doesnt itch, doesnt restrain free play. Our kids loves them.

Go to Mypashmina to shop online. We offer free next day delivery within the UK and quick delivery to the rest of the world. You will find these items in these cathegories on the menu on the left "Hats, gloves and blankets, Kids cashmere, Cashmere for her and Pashminas"

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