Sunday, 3 April 2016

5 Cashmere ideas for spring time

Spring is in the air. I just love it when the sun and warmth come out after a long time of cold and darkness. People are smiling again! Its amazing to see how the mood shifts and how much easier and happy life becomes. But dont be too quick with dressing too light just because you feel like the weather is too good for jackets. Not the time to get colds! Its not that warm...quite yet. Be smart and wear a light weight cashmere jumper so you get the best out of two worlds! Here are 5 ideas in 100% lovely soft and warm Cashmere all of which are available on our website for free next day delivery:

1. Ladies classic v-neck - £70. Always a safe card! Looks good and feels great!

2. Ladies zip up hoody - £95. A little bit more sporty and practical - great for spring evenings!

3. Ladies long line cardigan - £110. I love this model. 

4. Ladies round neck cardigan - £70. Will always be a classic. 

5. Basketweave cashmere blanket - £335.

I really wished I had one with me yesterday when we barbequed and drank mead with friends in the garden until late in the evening. We have a couple of these in our old home (we are travelling now) They are so useful! Dont be put off by the price tag - these are worth their weight in cashmere.

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