Monday, 8 February 2016

All Things Sparkly - Pashminas and Walking Sticks

Have you seen our Swarovski crystal pashminas? If you haven't, take a look now by clicking on the image below. Add a sparkle to your evening out with one of these beautiful, crystal embellished stoles. 
Each side (or facet) of the 21 sides of each crystal bounce colour and light around wherever you go and our pashminas have 200 crystals on each one.

A word of warning, once you start buying crystal studded accessories you will want to crystallize everything, and fortunately you can! With some glue, a jewel setter, some crystals and a steady hand, you can bling up all sorts of things. Flip flops, gloves, hats, shoes, uniforms and watches, the list is endless.

To complete your evening outfit, why not go for a crystal studded walking cane? You can of course crystalize your own cane with a nice collar of crystals or you can purchase a ready made one. Choose from fully covered crystal walking sticks or sticks with only a sprinkle of crystals on the handle or around the neck. You are certain to get many comments!

People have been decorating their clothes and accessories with cut glass crystals since the 19th century so what are you waiting for?

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