Saturday, 31 March 2018

Introducing Pashbits - Mypashmina Loyalty Reward Points


Welcome to our rewards scheme!

Shop with Mypashmina to earn Pashbits for use against future cashmere or pashmina orders.

This is how it works

1. For every £1 you spend on cashmere or pashminas, you will be rewarded with 1 Pashbit.
2. When you spend your pashbits, 10 Pashbits gives you £1 off your order.
3. The are valid for 2 years from when you earn them, so set a reminder to use them in time.
4. Pashbits are pink with a special type of ‘P’ on them.
5. You can use them alongside any other discount or discount code.
6. You can’t swap them for fiat.
7. You might be able to redeem them for Bitcoin.. ask us ... we will consider it.
8. This is for retail customers only.
9. You will get 10 Pashbits for signing up for an account. You will get 10 Pashbits for leaving a comment or review on an item you have already purchased.
The Pashbits customer reward scheme started on 30th March 2018. We backdated the rewards to 1st April 2017 as a thank you to all our lovely customers.

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