Thursday, 29 March 2018

HALF PRICE Cashmere Hot Water Bottle Covers

As we are having a sale this week, you can pick up a 4ply pure cashmere hot water bottle cover including the bottle for just £25.80.
We really have the best cashmere and the best prices. I have been checking out the competition to see what the alternatives are.... It makes choosing easier...

OMG !  £115 for a simple rib knit hot water bottle cover from Brora. It is also 4ply pure cashmere and it is a nice colour, but this is really incredible to me. Nice shade of blue though.
Or you can save £50 and buy one from Charlotte & Co for just (just) £65. This hot water bottle cover is also 100% cashmere.

Or you can buy a grey cashmere hot water bottle from Pure Collection, except that they are out of stock for the next 9 weeks in all 2 colours. The price is reasonable though, so good on them.
£115 at Brora .. wow! 

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