Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Striped Cashmere Scarves - Mypashmina.co.uk

I think I failed a bit on the photography of our range of striped cashmere scarves. Maybe it was the angle, or maybe it should have been a closeup.

We have recently received two FIVE STAR customer comments about these cashmere scarves, as follows:

"Asolutely stunning! Super soft, thick and luxurious scarf in the most gorgeous colours. I love it. I already have 2 of your large cashmere pashmina, and they are perfect as wraps but too big to use as a scarf – this is a perfect addition to my collection."

"A lovely scarf and really good quality."

Thank you so much to everyone who leaves feedback. We publish them all including the negative ones, and our responses.

They are double layer cashmere and long and quite wide, but I don't think the photo's convey how generous in size these scarves are.

They are 25x170cm, and double layer cashmere. This means that a) they don't curl up, and b) you can feel the thickness when you wear it.


Here's a wierd thing ... If you want, you can buy a carpet that perfectly matches these scarves from www.therealrugcompany.co.uk!

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