Thursday, 25 January 2018

Cashmere and Pashmina news

Oh ! I forgot to blog for a while
Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

A few bits of Mypashmina news to catch up on.

We have taken on a high end brand of Italian cashmere called LUX. All tested and checked and the quality is very nice. This will soon appear on the Mypashmina website. When I say Italian, the goats are Chinese of course, and the garments are woven or knitted in Italy. When I say soon, I mean in about a week.

We added a bunch of new cashmere designs this month. These were from two Swedish brands that we have been making the cashmere for. They both have gone bust, but they had been doing pretty well on our items until that point. Obviously not so well on their other stuff. The result is that we had made some cashmere knitwear for them and now we are selling it on

I have put the prices at a very low level, so we can keep our stock tidy. So grab a bargain while it is still available.

If you go to the sale page HERE, and sort by newness, then you will see them all.

We have this style cashmere cardigan in a few colours and sizes.
I absolutely loved receiving this feedback from a customer today, 25th January 2018.

"My second pashmina from this company and as with my first, I absolutely LOVE it. Beautiful quality, drapes wonderfully and the colour is just as I hoped. I’m really pleased with the swatch book (such a great idea!) which I’m going to keep… I can see I’ll want to buy more from Mypashmina in the future. This time my pashmina was bespoke (with a hemmed finish) and if I have a small reservation (but I’m still giving 5 stars) it’s that the stitching is slightly off true at the beginning and end of the hems. This is intended more as constructive criticism than a complaint; it is a LOVELY pashmina. Thank you!"

We always act on anything we can approve on, so in this case there will be greater attention placed on the hem stitching. This is how we are no.1 for pashminas (if we are... i have no idea)

Thanks for reading.

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