Monday, 16 October 2017

Travel Agents Love Pashminas

Travel agents love pashminas, after their phone and their wallet, it is the most important travel accessory according to this blog.

“Apart from being a great accessory—adding a pop of color to your outfits—they are very versatile,” said Patty Monahan, founder at Our Whole Village, in Birmingham, Michigan. “You can use them for warmth—whenever you need an extra layer, for covering your shoulders—when visiting sacred sites or being mindful of the local culture, on the beach—as a cover up, or on the plane as a blanket.”
I totally agree with this point.
Stephanie Serino has used her pashmina in a unique way too.
“My black pashmina goes everywhere with me,” said Serino, a Luxury Cruise Specialist with Tzell Travel Group in New York City. “It is a shawl, scarf, travel blanket, head cover for churches, sun shade, pillow or seat cushion, towel, etc. I've even used it as a basket when picking oranges in Valencia, Spain.”
Stephanie hit's the nail on the head, and we do ship to Spain.
Marianne DeIulio said that some people may laugh at her, but her favorite product is her ‘blankie.’
“I am always cold on an airplane and love to be cozy under a blanket and reading a book or watching a movie, so I never travel without it,” said DeIulio an Independent Travel Consultant with Just Travelin’ in Mohegan Lake, New York.
Marianne calls her pashmina a 'blankie'. I find this a bit wierd for an adult travel agent... but at least she appreciates the utility of the pashmina.

I searched for an image of a travel agent wearing a pashmina, but the best I could find was a cruise website suggesting that all their guests bring pashminas with them!

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