Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Back from Nepal

Just back from Nepal. I think we acheived a lot. We're going back in February - to make sure the changes are maintained and that the new factory is as nice as we hope.

I just saw an article by Yahoo News saying about the damage that all the fraudsters have done to the cashmere industry in Kashmir. I have known for years not to trust suppliers from that part of the world. The embroidery is amazing, but often it hides the fact that the shawl itself is rarely made from cashmere as claimed. It's a shame that the cheaters ruin the industry for a short term gain.

We test our pashminas and cashmere knitwear regularly with SGS (a testing company) , so we know the quality of our goods. I posted a copy of the last certificate on this blog if you are interested to see.

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